Wisdom for 2010

  1. Stop trying to find balance. It doesn't exist. I have come to realize that "balance" in work, life, family, play is an illusion. The problem is, striving for it and not attaining it leads to frustration. Stop the insanity and FIND JOY IN  SMALL, EVERYDAY THINGS: a glass of red wine at the end of the day, an hour of Guitar Hero with the family, a little endorphin-increasing exercise.
  2. Be a host. One of the best pieces of advice I've ever read about overcoming shyness/nervousness in parties or social situations is to pretend you are the host. If you are more concerned that the needs of others are attended to, you will be less focused on yourself.
  3. Be helpful everyday. Sort of like #2, ACTIVELY SEEK opportunities to help people EVERY DAY. Open a door, help carry something heavy, stop and ask an overwrought mom with a screaming kid at the store if she is OK and needs any help. Again, taking the focus off of yourself and directing it towards someone who might need it more is good in many ways.
  4. Talk to your kids. Interact, play, ask questions. Don't bark, holler, talk down.
  5. Say No. Don't try to do it all. Let the small stuff slide. Quality is better than quantity most of the time.
  6. Life's too short to eat bad cheese (but applies to other stuff). Savor a small piece of St. Agar Blue, Huntsman Double Gloucester & Stilton. Quality, savor, be purposeful.
  7. Be thankful. As I survey my increasing girth at my old age of 42, I have to remember to be thankful that I can walk down the street, ride my bike, play guitar hero, and generally get around. Lot's of people can't. Lot's of people don't have a house that's messy. Lots of people don't have a car with a heater that doesn't get very hot. Lots of people don't have a mom or sisters to call and vent, share, and laugh with. I do. I'm thankful.

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