Greasy Bang Theory

Hey Girls – Ya got bangs? When they get a *little* too long, are ya constantly touching them? Moving them to the side? They get greasy, huh? And the rest of your hair doesn’t right? You want to go out Friday night after at day at the office. Generally the hair is good, but the bangs are a bit on the oily side.

Option 1: Just shampoo the bangs. If you need a little style action anyway, this is a quick and easy solution. Lean over the sink, shampoo ’em up, rinse ’em out, blow dry ’em, style ’em. Good.

Option 2: What if you’re not at home? What if you don’t have the luxury of a sink, shampoo or dryer. Answer: Cornstarch.

Sure, you could pay a lot for one of those fancy shampoo powders from Bumble & Bumble, OR … you could get some cornstarch out of the cupboard and do about the same thing. I put some in a snack-size baggy that I carry in my purse. My bangs need degreasing, I just open the bag, reach in and get some on my fingertips, and then comb my fingers through my bangs.

Warning: This is good for us girls with light hair. The cornstarch is difficult to spread around, especially if you get too much, so you need to go light and it’s best if you have light hair. It can be messy too, so be careful.

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