OK, I wasn’t won over right away. At Costco, the guy with the samples squirted some honey on top of a little dollop of fage. Not quite enough honey. I’ve liked yogurt for a long time, but plain yogurt is weird. Fage is super rich creamy PLAIN yogurt.

But then… the realization emerged that MIXING Fage with stuff to make say, salad dressing (e.g. super yummy lemon cherry vinaigrette for my most best salad ever at Thanksgiving), makes it AWESOME.

Think of Fage as uber healthy sour cream. Use it in place of sour cream in almost anything, even literally AS sour cream. It works with chips & salsa too. You could also use it in place of maya, miracle whip, and to “cream” up almost anything without adding fat. I even put some in tuna casserole the other day.

Give it a try. Once you get over the hump and realize that you don’t really need to eat it plain out of the tub, it’s really quite versatile.

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