What flew out of my nose today

So the allergies have been horrible. For a couple of weeks my eyes have been tearing like crazy. They did last year and I got some allergy eyedrops that helped right away. Well, this year, the drops didn’t help and it was mostly in my right eye.

Well, Friday I wake up with a sore throat and MAJOR pain around my right eye – like towards my nose and right under my eye. I go to the Dr. and he doesn’t think it’s a sinus infection, gives me some Singulair (allergy med) and some steroid nose spray to try to calm the allergies down. Doesn’t help the eye pain…

Saturday morning I wake up and the eye pain gets steadily worse until I am literally CRYING. Kevin takes me to the Urgent Care clinic where they go ahead and give me some antibiotics thinking there is SOME sort of infection going on there if not an actual SINUS infection AND some pain killers. Yay.

Come home, crash on the couch, massaging my poor sore eye spots cuz it feels like there’s SOMETHING going on in there, blocking the tear duct. I don’t know quite the sequence of what/how it happened, but all of a sudden I blow my nose and this 3/4″ inch long 1/8″ square-ish tube of gray clay-like matter SHOOTS out of my nose like a bullet. There was almost instant lessening of pain – my eyes still hurt a bit but clearly progress had been made.

The boys didn’t want to look at it, but of course I saved it to show Maya who was at softball practice when this occurred. (This is after I stared at it in the Kleenex for a few moments and then LOST IT and didn’t know where it went for a bit, but then found it stuck in my hair.) Then I placed it on a clean tissue for safe-keeping until Maya got home. It dried up a bit, and was exactly like those really mushy gray art erasers. FYI, didn’t stink or anything, completely just clay-like, so definitely not sinus-y, but guessing it was some dirt/gunk stuck in my tear duct. HOW WEIRD IS THAT! (Yet super satisfying :).

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