Flight of the Conchords

A co-worker let us borrow her first season of Flight of the Conchords. Bret & Jemaine are 2 guys from New Zealand who are trying to make it in the music business in New York. Their manager, Murray, a fellow New Zealander (Kiwi?) works at the New Zealand Consulate and manages the band during working hours. Murray is played by the guy who is Jim Carrey’s boss (Norman?) on Yes, Man.

It’s a pretty funny show. It’s kind of a musical comedy in that Bret & Jemaine break in to song frequently. The songs are always weird, often funny, and even sometimes really catchy.

After watching the dozen episodes or so, I find myself thinking in a New Zealand accent at times.

Some of my favorite lines are:

Jemaine: But Bret, it’s girls and spagitti (spaghetti), we LOVE girls and spagitti.

Murray, Dave & Bret discussing Jemaine: “I wonder if he’s did (dead)” Dave: “he did what.” Murray or Jemaine: No, DID (dead), Dave: yeah I know I got it, but what did he do?

The bad thing is that after awhile, some of Bret & Jemaine’s antics get a little old. You want to really like them, but they aren’t that likable. And they’re REALLY stupid. Definitely worth the time investment though.

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