Who(se) Are You?

Who are you?

(NOTE: This is still in progress … fine-tuning when I have a moment).

Single? Married? Divorced?

Liberal? Conservative? Agnostic? Christian? Muslim?

White? Black? Brown?

Pretty? Blonde? Skinny? Weak? Strong?

Rich? Poor? Successful?

Addicted, Depressed? Carrying anxiety? Weighted down …?

What did we miss? When you wake up in the morning (or in a cold sweat during the night), how do you feel? How do you shape your identity? How do you “judge” where you are in the world? Who you are, and who you want to be?


Whose Are You?

When you wake up in the morning and feel like crap — WHO SAYS?

The world inspires us to feel the superficial … I feel ugly. I’m struggling. I’m a sinner. YEP. But I’m better than that guy. Worse than the one over there. Don’t make as much money as her, but at least my husband isn’t cheating on me. When you wake up, how does your discussion go with yourself? Worried about the stresses of the day? Comparing your plight to justify whether it’s worse or better than your neighbor’s? You are taking worldly, external influences to shape your identity & self worth. As I type it, and as you read it, you’re probably thinking — that doesn’t make any sense! But that’s what happens.

On the flip side … What is the TRUTH? WHO should you be comparing against? WHO should be measuring it all?

Um. Nobody. Nothing.


Start your day THERE: God.

You are GOD’s daughter, bride, son, disciple.

When you wake up in the morning (Mercies afresh & such), COMMIT your thoughts to REMEMBERING WHOSE YOU ARE. (Not WHO YOU ARE, WHOSE YOU ARE.) Even better, ALLLLL the comparison goes away. Because you are unique and beautiful. God has never compared you to another of his kids.

For a while, I couldn’t understand the big deal about Jesus. I thought, this ONE guy, gave his life for like EVERYBODY. That’s cool, but if asked, *I* might even do that. If God said, “hey, Shelly, gotta get right with the sin thing — are you willing to die on the cross for millions?” — I wouldn’t like it. But, ultimately I’d probably do it. Me for millions? OK. Deal.

It wasn’t until I read more, and got personal with it, that it’s not a “Jesus for MILLIONS” exchange, it’s a “Jesus for ME” exchange. ……. Jesus would give his life for ME. JUST ME.

Would I give my life for one other human? hmmmmmmm…. maybe?

I mean, I love my family and my friends, but let’s talk about impact and such.

Would I give my life for a nuclear physicist who was about to cure cancer? Maybe? Would I give my life for one of my kids? Yes …. but then Oh, crap, I would have to Sophie’s choice which one …. No bueno.

Let’s just arrive at the position that Jesus traded IT ALL. In the garden, he asked his dad WHY. Dad said, “because,” and Jesus did it. IT WAS FINISHED.

EVERYTHING about YOU before is dead. Even everything about you NOW is dead. 5 years ago, 1 week ago, even 10 seconds ago. Do you EVEN UNDERSTAND THIS GIFT?

The ENEMY says NO, you will never recover, you will always be a loser, you will never be forgiven.

Thank GOD, we are HIS.

If you don’t believe me, if you feel like you’re too far gone. Sister, Brother, NO. NO. NOOOO.

HE Loves us. We are HIS.

Before you try to figure out “WHO” you are, NEVER FORGET “WHOSE” you are.

You will probably always think your hair isn’t great, wonder why you’re not making more money, or wish you didn’t have freckles, etc., but if we can start with the WHOSE ARE WE question is going to wipe out a whole ton of that superficial crap.


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