Hi (mostly) Ladies:

Facebook seems to know I’ve gained weight and is showing me ads for women 14-32. Dude. God loves us all shapes & sizes, but I’m a size 6-10ish in a 14ish size body right now … I am not my best self.

I am not as strong as I should be or want to be or can be.

My body image is kinda consuming. I’m my own worst enemy. When I was thinking about it one day, shy to go to a local event where I’d see friends, God put this on my heart, “man, you really don’t give your friends much credit, do you?”

I mean really. My FRIENDS LOVE ME. It’s ME putting MY baggage on THEM.

I want to love my body. But I don’t. My “comparison mode” is on hyperdrive most of the time. So much at play here … I KNOW what to do, but I don’t. It sucks and it hurts and I know better …

ME is 30-40 pounds lighter and stronger. I want to do a pull-up (or two, or three). If you are happy — THAT IS AWESOME. YOU is YOU.

But if you’re just faking it, DON’T. We have tools and a bazillion routes to take us to our best. Don’t give up. Don’t live less. Don’t wuss out. I need to do this for me. And you need to do this for you.

I guess my point is … Girls, friends, ladies — Get up and DO IT! (This is me preaching to myself as much as anything). I am not happy the way I am because I know I can do better and be stronger. It’s super easy to be complacent. It’s not about body shaming — there are GORGEOUS, confident women of all sizes — It’s about being happy where you are. And if you’re not, don’t try to adjust the dialog to fit your reality.

MY reality is 30-40 pounds lighter and stronger. Starting NOW.

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