Perfect Stir Fry

Stir fry. (Was just thinking of these few things I’ve learned that have revolutionized my stir frying —– would welcome any additional tips/ add-ons from fellow foodies).

I LOVE to cook. Here are a few tips.

  1. Frozen meat —— DEFROST IT. ALL. the. way. (and better yet, rinse/pat dry your meat with paper towels) the extra moisture will lead to boiling perils described below. Ya gotta be food temp conscious, but if your meat is icy or cold —- it’s gonna make water … not JUICE from the meat … WATER from the defrosting process — no bueno. 
  2. HOT —- Heat up your wok, skillet … wait for it. wait for it. Longer than you think you should … don’t put ANYTHING in the pan until that pan is smoking.
  3. Put the meat (or veg) in the HOT pan. DON’T STIR IT. wait for it. wait for it. WAIT for it. OK. NOW. toss. now wait some more for the other side of the meat or veg to sear. Wait until you see/smell seared food aroma. 
  4. NO SAUCE … until the end. 
  5. Meat .. veg … different sizes … cook separately. after each, throw in a big bowl. Cook everything just a TAD under. 
  6. NOW, throw everything back in the pan. NOW add sauce. Toss. NEVER cook IN the sauce. NEVER let your meat or veg BOIL — If there are big boiling bubbles of moisture when you’re cooking your meat or veg — STOP —- drain it. (or reserve for later if there are some good flavors in there … ) Water is the devil. It may be too late, or maybe you have averted disaster. Only you will know. hahahahahaha. 
  7. Extra – toss meat in corn starch — shrimp, beef, chicken — this can give it the “chinese food restaurant” “sheen” and tenderness —- but must be done only if you have followed the steps above, otherwise your protein will stick to the pan and/or be a gummy mess.

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