no PHO Coffee Mix

My kids like to drink that sweet, instant coffee mix from the store, like the General Foods International Coffees, French Vanilla Cappacino, etc. I try not to fill them with too many products containing Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs), so I found a good way to let them have a yummy coffee drink sometimes without the PHOs:

Instant Coffee + Vanilla Pudding Mix + Hot milk = Yummy vanilla coffee drink.

Instant Coffee + Chocolate Pudding Mix + Hot Milk = Yummy mocha coffee drink.

The pudding gives the drink a really creamy taste. It *did* thicken a bit because of the pudding ingredients, but not too bad.

You could also try sugar free pudding mix if ya want. I did about 2 tsp of coffee and 2 tsp of pudding – just mix to taste.

And to be honest, I accidentally bought Banana Cream pudding mix instead of vanilla by mistake. I went ahead and tested it and it was decent.

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