God Stories

These are stories from my God Stuff category, in chronological order… They were written to chronicle my Christian journey, sort of in diary form. They are mostly in rough draft form (i.e. not edited) because I didn’t want to get caught up in “making them perfect” or writing for anybody else at this point.

I Want to be a Jesus Freak, Chapter 1 (Nov 2011)

God Skies, Triggers, and Santa (Dec 2011)

Gettin’ some Religion Part 1: Jesus is not a picture on the wall (Dec 2011)

My Walk Mix (Feb 2012)

Hope = Patient Endurance (May 2012)

Learning to Fall (June 2012)

When You Build it HE Will Come (July 2012)

The Battle (Aug 2012)

Willpower: 0, Holy Spirit: 1 (Oct 2012)

Reflect it Forward (Nov 2012)

Raise a Standard or be Amused? (Jan 2013)

Honor your Neighbor as Yourself (Mar 2013)

Get Behind Me, Feelings! (Sept 2013)

The Color of Disconnection (Jan 2015)

Who(se) Are You (Sept 2018)

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