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Cat Butt

Kevin┬áhas been grabbing Jaeger’s cell phone, taking random pictures, and setting them as the wallpaper for the phone. One of the most recent photos was of our cat’s butt. The photo session in itself was fairly humorous. I was sitting at the dining room table and glanced over to see Kevin wrestling the cat one-handed […]

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Does you FIND EET?

J & I love the Crocs. We love the one where they’re trying to trick Zeeba into jumping into the wood chipper to find the contact lens. Bob or Larry (or whatever red shirt Croc it is this week) says, “ME have long arms, ME will get it” or something to that effect. Then in […]

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Vlad the Impaler has nice bangs

So the other day this Vlad the Impaler person comes up in a discussion with my husband, me, and the kids. I didn’t know who it was. They were dumbfounded that I didn’t know about this real person who was the inspiration for the Dracula saga. Kevin pulls up a picture of the guy on […]

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