Cat Observations: Episode 1: What cats do in the bathroom

What do your cats do in the bathroom:

  • Tommy: (Short for Thomas Jefferson). She’s usually sitting in the window, and she wants NO PART of being in the bathroom with a human. Leaves asap. Sometimes if the door is mostly shut, she claws it open to get away. Exposing said human. We should know better and latch it. But then she would just stare at us until we let her out.
  • Pippi: NOWHERE NEAR the bathroom upon the human’s entry, but then she trots¬†down the hall like a Lipizzaner stallion to just be in our presence. But do not touch her. Just put your hand out. She will engage as she sees fit.
  • Squiddy: He is in a tie for “biggest cat asshole in the family.” He’s usually laying down on the rug by the toilet, but as soon as you walk in, he has to jump up and use the toilet seat to jump to the sink, thus delaying your seating. Then he pulls the stopper out of the sink, knocks bottles off the counter, and basically says in cat language “don’t EFF with me because I will haunt your dreams (or at least torment you EVERY TIME you get up to use the bathroom. Ever.”) He is addicted to sink and tub water. We don’t know whether to encourage this or try tough love … Whatever that means with a freaking cat.¬†
  • Merow: This is the “IDGAF” of cats. Stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night he sits where my feet go. I step on him often … not purposefully, but also don’t care that I do. He is the other contender for biggest cat asshole in the family. He walks around and tries to figure out his “comfort zone” while inflicting tail smacks and extremely close “cat butt” vantage points to the face while we try to sleep. I.e…. open your eyes and like, “oh, HI, cat butt.”
  • Sally: Unfortunately, Sally rarely ventures upstairs unless we don’t fill her water bowl. She hates the dog.

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