Cat Butt

Kevin┬áhas been grabbing Jaeger’s cell phone, taking random pictures, and setting them as the wallpaper for the phone.

One of the most recent photos was of our cat’s butt. The photo session in itself was fairly humorous. I was sitting at the dining room table and glanced over to see Kevin wrestling the cat one-handed and holding the cell phone with the other, trying to aim the cat’s butt toward the camera AND hold the cat in such a way so that the tail was STRAIGHT up exposing the onion. (We call that “talk to the butt.” I was at first disturbed but then found it to be quite funny. I tried helping him, but only made it worse.

Finally he got the cat positioned in the perfect “talk to the butt” pose and snapped the photo.

The next morning, Jaeger noticed right away and said “Dad’s been taking random photos and putting them on my wallpaper.” He then showed me the cat butt photo. I asked if he thought it was funny or disturbing. He said yes.

We told our office worker about it. I thought it was one of those litmus test moments that would confirm that she had our sense of humor. She does. We all chuckled about it all day and the words “cat butt” were randomly uttered.

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