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Perfect Stir Fry

Stir fry. (Was just thinking of these few things I’ve learned that have revolutionized my stir frying —– would welcome any additional tips/ add-ons from fellow foodies). I LOVE to cook. Here are a few tips. Frozen meat —— DEFROST IT. ALL. the. way. (and better yet, rinse/pat dry your meat with paper towels) the […]

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Who(se) Are You?

Who are you? (NOTE: This is still in progress … fine-tuning when I have a moment). Single? Married? Divorced? Liberal? Conservative? Agnostic? Christian? Muslim? White? Black? Brown? Pretty? Blonde? Skinny? Weak? Strong? Rich? Poor? Successful? Addicted, Depressed? Carrying anxiety? Weighted down …? What did we miss? When you wake up in the morning (or in […]

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